Bridget Krage O’Connor

Bridget Krage O’Connor

“It takes courage to pursue your dreams. Sometimes that courage requires someone or something from the outside to give you a bit of a boost. The Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay helps provide just that for local women and girls who need a little extra support to make their dreams a reality. 

I remain involved because while women make up half of our workforce, women are still only compensated roughly 80 cents to every dollar of our male counterparts. While we are making progress, we have work to do to advance women right here in our backyard. 

I so appreciate how intentional the Women’s Fund is in partnering with local non-profits to support programming that is needed here and now. For example, the grant provided through the Women’s Fund for the YWCA’s RENEW (Real Engagement Naturally Empowers Women) Life Coaching program is making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. It provides underrepresented women with a 10-week life coaching program targeting six areas: life and purpose, self-esteem/personal power, financial future, relationship satisfaction, health, and work-life balance. Now that’s good work. 

Together, we are moving the needle. One woman’s, one girl’s dream at a time.” 

– Bridget Krage O’Connor, Owner of O’Connor Connective and Women’s Fund Advisory Board Emeritus