Elmore Elementary Girls Tech Club

Elmore Elementary Girls Tech Club

Training Our Future Technology Leaders

As children, many of us did not dream of being computer coders or programmers as adults. For girls at Elmore Elementary, these high-demand careers are being talked about and demonstrated every day. With funding provided by the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay, the Elmore Elementary Girls Tech Club purchased a coding application for kids called Bitsbox, and three Dash robots. Using these tools, the girls are able to code their own apps using real programming language.

Up to 15 girls attend each Tech Club meeting. After working on a project, the students complete an “exit ticket,” where they state the confidence level of what they worked on. When the club started, their confidence level needed improvement. Most girls averaged a five out of 10. After a month and a half of work, the girls’ confidence soared. Many students reported a confidence level of 10 or higher! As reported by their instructor, many students couldn’t wait until the next meeting.

As a result of the Tech Club, young girls have the opportunity to learn about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), improve their coding and programming skills, and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. Thanks to the supporters of the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay for bringing this important opportunity to our future leaders.

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