Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay’s Girls Life Lessons

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay’s Girls Life Lessons

Pay the bills. Balance the checkbook. Plan the grocery list. As adults, these items are on many of our weekly to-do lists. Now, do you remember when you first learned these skills? For females in the “Girls Life Lessons” program at the Boys & Girls Club, they can proudly say they learned these important, real-world skills between the ages of 9 and 12.

With the help of a Women’s Fund grant, the Girls Life Lessons program was developed to teach girls real-life skills to help them become self-sufficient young women. Weekly lessons were offered over 10 weeks to equip 16 girls with the resources to meet basic needs, increase their self-confidence, and take control of their life circumstances. The lessons focused on financial literacy, including how to transfer money from checking to savings accounts, pay bills, balance a checkbook, plan a grocery list, and budget for life’s unexpected situations. The program also focused on listening skills, public speaking skills, and making positive life choices.

After the Girls Life Lessons program was complete, most of the students could correctly identify the difference between a debit and credit card, they could name many types of postsecondary degrees, they identified a career goal and the schooling they would need for a future job, and could describe the steps to prepare their own meal.

As a supporter of the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay, your assistance makes life-changing programs like Girls Life Lessons possible. 

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