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Women’s Fund, in our community since 1995.


Established in 1995, the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay supports programs in the local community that meet its mission of empowering women and inspiring girls while promoting leadership and building self-esteem.


Operating in alignment with the principles of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, the mission of the Women’s Fund is to grow its endowment from which it provides grants to support local leadership and self-esteem initiatives to empower women and inspire girls.

The strategic direction for achieving this mission is provided by the Women’s Fund Advisory Board. The central work of the Women’s Fund — fund development, events that inform and raise grants, and stewardship — all take place with the collaborative support of committees and countless volunteers.

2019-20 Advisory Board of Directors

  • Kate Hogan, President
  • Karen Monfre, Vice President and Finance Chair
  • Jessica Diederich, Secretary
  • Laura Lear, Strategic Communications Chair
  • Kim Linehan, Events Chair
  • Sue Weyers, Grants Chair
  • Barbara Koldos, Fund Development Chair
  • Kristin Suchalla, Education and Nominations Chair
  • Therese Woelfel, Greater Green Bay Community Foundation Liaison
  • Rashad Cobb, Greater Green Bay Community Foundation Liaison
  • Tracy Alpert
  • Julie Blank
  • Nichole Campbell
  • Erica DeQuaine
  • Linda Hansen
  • Lori Harris
  • DeDe Heid
  • Keely Marlowe
  • Jessie Pondell
  • Rebecca Pruess
  • Teresa Schoffelman
  • Lisa Vanden Avond
  • Ann Weiss
  • Nan Williams
2019 Womens Fund Advisory Board Members

Kate Hogan, Jessie Pondell, Nichole Campbell, Rebecca Pruess, Kristin Suchalla, Laura Lear, Kim Linehan, Karen Monfre, Lisa Vanden Avond, Ann Weiss, Lori Harris, Sue Weyers, Jessica Diederich, Barbara Koldos, Keely Marlowe (Not pictured: Tracy Alpert, Julie Blank, Rashad Cobb, Erica DeQuaine, Linda Hansen, DeDe Heid, Teresa Schoffelman, Nan Williams and Therese Woelfel)

Emeritus Advisory Board Members

Nancy Armbrust, Aymee Balison, Susan Baranczyk, Lorrie Blaylock, Kate Burgess, Beverly Carmichael, Diane Conway, Apache Danforth, Yolo Diaz, M.D., Diane Ford, Lise Lotte Gammeltoft, Dee Geurts-Bengtson, LoisGrace Golde, Mary Hitchcock, Patty Ninham-Hoeft, Irene Hogan, Judy Johnson, Gail King, Lindi Kurtz, Dr. Cynthia Lasecki, Pat LaViolette, Karmen Lemke, Bev Lisle, Toni Loch, Terri Matousek, Gail McNutt, Betsy Mitchell, Judy Nagel, Christine Neuman, Bridget O’Connor, Pat O’Keefe, Jonie Paye, Suzy Pfeifer, Sue Porath, Colly Remley, Sharon Resch, Diane Roundy, Kim Schanock, Sue Schinkten, Sabina Singh, M.D., Rose Smits, Jeanne Stangel, Donsia Strong Hill, Nancy Thompson, Cindy Treleven, Veronica Trofka, Julie Van Straten, Maryanne Weyenberg, Susan White


  • Fund Development and Stewardship – This committee focuses on ways to secure the resources needed to support the work of the Women’s Fund.
  • Events – Committee members plan and execute the signature events of the Women’s Fund, including Power of the Purse and Backstage with the Women’s Fund, and partner with other organizers for additional events through the year.
  • Strategic Communications – The Communications Committee keeps donors, grantees and the community up-to-date on Women’s Fund happenings.
  • Education & Nominations – This Committee promotes the Women’s Fund by informing interested parties about its mission, goals and accomplishments and ensures strong board member development and recruitment.
  • Grants – The Grants Committee reviews and assesses grant applications and recommends which programs and initiatives to financially support.

Faces of the Women's Fund

Our Faces of the Women’s Fund series highlights the women and men whose efforts make our work possible. Whether it’s making a donation, volunteering at one of our signature events, or staffing a program we fund, these individuals are all driven to the same goal — empowering women and inspiring girls.


Suzy Pfeifer

“I am very proud of my involvement with the Women’s Fund. I have seen it grow to become a major influence, contributor, and supporter of talented women in our community. I was lucky enough to be born into a society that
Alexia Wood (003)

Alexia Wood

The Women’s Fund has been critical to St. John’s ability to respond to the gender-specific needs of homeless adults in
WF_Diane Roundy

Diane Roundy

“I am so excited to team up to empower women and inspire girls! I have been involved in The Women’s Fund since
Rashad Cobb

Rashad Cobb

I first became aware of the impact made by the Women’s Fund while working at a nonprofit organization here in northeast
Professional Photo - Bloniarz

Ariel Bloniarz

“I joined the Women’s Fund Power of the Purse Committee a few years ago when I began my professional career after
Cindy Treleven

Cindy Treleven

“I am honored and grateful to have served as an Advisory Board member for the Women’s Fund and to be part of a dedicated
2019 Marketing Committee

Tamara McLean

“After serving on the board of the Golden House for many years, I was looking for a new opportunity to contribute
Diana Delbecchi_03 copy

Diana Delbecchi

“Being supported by the Women’s Fund has provided an exciting chance for a group of young Somali women from

Susan Baranczyk

“Nearing the end of my term as president of the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay, I find no words can fully
Kristin Rozek

Kristin Rozek

“I support the Women’s Fund because I truly believe that improving the lives of women and girls in our community

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