Answers to frequently asked questions:

What is the Women’s Fund?

The Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay is a partnership of donors, grantees, and volunteers working to support programs for women and girls. The Women’s Fund is a fund of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. Today over 120 women’s and girls’ foundations are thriving throughout the United States and abroad. Since 1985, these foundations have given over $200 million in grants and raised another $200 million for endowments and programs to increase the impact of women and their philanthropy. There are Women’s Funds established throughout Wisconsin, including Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, La Crosse and Milwaukee.

What is the Women’s Fund mission?

Operating in alignment with the principles of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, the mission of the Women’s Fund is to grow its endowment from which it provides grants to support local leadership and self-esteem initiatives to empower women and inspire girls.

The strategic direction for achieving this mission is provided by the Women’s Fund Advisory Board. The central work of the Women’s Fund — Fund Development, Events that inform and raise funds, and Stewardship — all take place with the collaborative support of the Strategic Communications, Education and Process committees and countless volunteers.

Why target programs for women and girls?

Despite the dramatic advancement of women in recent decades, women are still far more likely than men to be homeless, to live in poverty, to be unemployed or under-employed, to face violence, and to suffer inadequate housing and healthcare. Women today disproportionately bear the burdens of working and taking care of children, husbands, and aging parents. Although programs that address the needs of women and girls benefit families, communities, and our society as a whole, less than 6 percent of national foundation budgets each year go to causes specifically earmarked for women and girls. Our goal is to increase financial resources available to programs for women and girls in our region now and in the future.

What is the relationship between the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay and the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation?

The Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay is a field of interest fund of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation.

Why another fund in Green Bay?

This is an opportunity to pool our money and directly help women and girls in our community. The Fund is not duplicating or replacing, rather it’s embracing and supporting what other wonderful organizations in the Green Bay area are already doing and then some. Think of The Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay as a type of insurance policy or a savings account. We want to establish a fund to guarantee that opportunities will be available from one year to the next to help women and girls. We will support already established programs that need financial assistance as well as new initiatives that address issues to assist women and girls.

What’s different about this fund?

The Fund not only makes grants available but also offers programs to teach philanthropy. Teaching women and children that giving back can be a way of life will have a long term positive impact on our community. Pooling our dollars will encourage new philanthropists to become involved in our community, no matter what the level of their giving, and women and girls will be empowered to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Where does the Women’s Fund get its funds?

The Women’s Fund receives funds from individuals, families, businesses and organizations. These gifts go into an endowment. Every year, the Women’s Fund provides grants to organizations from the interest earned on the endowment, so contributions to the Women’s Fund allow donors to keep on giving.

The Women’s Fund also holds several events each year, including the Power of the Purse, Girls Night Out and Friendraisers to raise money for future grant giving.

Who decides what organizations receive grants from the Women’s Fund?

Funds are distributed through an application process. Interested non-profits apply and a volunteer committee of Women’s Fund advisory committee members and other community members reviews applications and makes recommendations.

Does the Fund award grants to individuals?

No. The Women’s Fund only awards grants to organizations with an IRA charitable status. We serve the greater Green Bay area, including Brown, Kewaunee and Oconto counties.

Why can’t I just give directly to an organization that serves women?

You can. A gift to the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay is a long-term gift that will continue to grow, year after year, enabling the Fund to support programs for women and girls in perpetuity. Please continue to give to the causes you believe in. In addition, consider providing a gift to the Women’s Fund.

What is a woman philanthropist?

Historically, women have always given their time and talent and inspired many of our country’s most important social movements. As women are becoming highly educated and financially independent, as they move up the corporate ladder and live longer than their male companions, women are well positioned to give their charitable wealth. The Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay makes philanthropy accessible to people who have different income levels and are at different stages of their careers and lives. In other words, you do not have to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist.

Can I volunteer for the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay?

Yes. We offer several opportunities for volunteer involvement. Please contact Martha Ahrendt at the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation at 920-432-0800 or womensfundgb@ggbcf.org.

What can I do to make an impact?

  • Be a good role model for other women and girls.
  • Volunteer with one of the local organizations that provide programming for women and girls.
  • Make a gift to support the work of the Women’s Fund. Providing financial support to the Women’s Fund is a great way to ensure you will make an impact on current and future generations. We appreciate the generosity of donors at all levels.
  • Leave a legacy gift. We would be delighted to work with you to create a named fund or planned gift for the Women’s Fund. Additionally, we accept donations of stocks, bonds or real estate.
  • Attend an event. Our annual events provide important financial support for the Women’s Fund. In addition, the events give women and men the opportunity to network while learning more about the local and global issues facing women and girls.
  • Host a friendraiser. Invite girlfriends into your home and provide information on the Women’s Fund while enjoying each other’s company.

What is a planned gift?

A planned gift is any gift that goes beyond a direct, immediate cash contribution. Planned gifts can be part of an estate plan, a bequest, life insurance policy, or other type of gift to the Fund that is “planned” and/or deferred.

Women are increasingly comfortable making planned gifts with their inheritances and planned wealth. Planned giving, especially methods that generate income during one’s life, are logical options for older women who may worry about having enough income to last for their lifetime. The Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay has a gift acceptance policy that outlines how a planned gift will be spent once received.

Can I make a commitment over time?

Yes. We encourage payment over the course of three years.

Please join us.

Donations both large and small allow us to support programs that promote leadership and build self-esteem in women and girls.

Through the generosity of many, our endowment has grown to more than
$2.5 million. The interest earned on the endowment funds allow us to provide annual grants to community-altering programs that impact women and girls.