Joanna Schreurs

Joanna Schreurs

Meet Joanna Schreurs, incoming Strategic Communications Chair for the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay, and Marketing & Communications Manager at LaForce 

I have been involved with the Women’s Fund for close to 10 years. Over the years I have primarily helped with their graphic design needs. In the upcoming months, I will be transitioning to the Strategic Communications Chair and am excited to continue watching the fund evolve and grow!

I started volunteering with the Women’s Fund because I was initially drawn to the idea of programs that are set up specifically to empower women and girls. Through my experience I have learned that the Women’s Fund is more than that, it is a great resource that supports programs that focus on kindness, self-esteem, and giving back. At the end of the day, this helps strengthen our entire community, not just women and girls.  

I have three children, and my biggest concern for them is bullying and self-esteem issues. I really appreciate that the Women’s Fund specifically supports programs that help tackle these issues, as well as encouraging the community to come together.

Through my work with the Women’s Fund I have learned so much about all the different ways people are willing to help others in Green Bay. Our community truly is inspirational.