2022 Power of the Purse

2022 Power of the Purse

On September 15, 2022, we look forward to gathering at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay for our 17th

annual luncheon. This years event will feature Pamela Barnum, a former undercover police officer and

federal prosecutor turned nonverbal communication expert and trust strategist.

You have 50 milliseconds to make an impression with people who already have their guard up. Trust is at an

all-time low, and people are looking for a reason to say no to you. Pamela will help you get to yes, or

recognize when you should walk away.

People who can accurately interpret body language and manage how others perceive their body language are

more successful at building trust.

When you take decades of experience, including her unique background of working deep undercover in the

drug enforcement section, followed by a rewarding legal career, you get real-world strategies that help

audiences crack the code on trust using proven field-tested techniques.

Juggling diverse stakeholder groups with distinct interests and roles leads to an inevitable clash of words and

actions. What if you had a strategy to communicate trust quickly and easily without investing more time and

money? Increase in trust solidifies relationships and increases profits.

Building on her experience in the criminal justice system, Pamela studied corporate negotiations in graduate

school and now shares her experience, research, and expertise with candor, energy, and humor blending

actionable strategies with memorable stories.

This is an exciting time for the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay and for our community. We are

celebrating 17 years of Power of the Purse, supporting our cause of empowering women and inspiring girls.

Since inception, we have raised $3.2 million (current) for the endowment, have granted $1.1 million (since June 30,

2020) to more than 100 community initiatives. With your help we continue to inspire and shape the future of women

and girls in our community.