Imagine the Future Campaign

Imagine the Future Campaign

“Life is Like a Movie. You’re Writing Your Own Script”

That’s the message from Girls Only Creative Crew, a video production program at the Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay. Supported by a Women’s Fund grant, the summer 2017 edition of Creative Crew introduced 10 local girls to a high-quality, digital video production program that explores careers in film and media.

With access to state-of-the-art video production technology accompanied by expert instruction from a video producer, the Creative Crew was mentored by a positive role model with proven success in his field.

Through the medium of video, the girls developed storytelling skills and gained a new language for self-expression and identity formation. They learned how to communicate with others by developing interviewing skills, and how to solve problems as a group. The Creative Crew also experienced how film can serve as a voice for sharing ideas and perspectives, and for engaging the public.

We could tell you more about how they did, but it’s more fun for them to share their story!

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