YWCA of Green Bay’s TechGYRLS

YWCA of Green Bay’s TechGYRLS

Empowering girls to run on STEAM
The TechGYRLS program, 12-week learning sessions in cooperation with the Green Bay Area Public School District, plans to expand the focus to include grades 3 and 4 with this grant.

TechGYRLS® is a place to dream, explore new ideas, learn new skills, and be creative through STEAM activities. The YWCA TechGYRLS®is a national program created by the YWCA of the USA in 1997, developed in response to the widening gender gap in exposure to an interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Currently, women make up only 27.8% of Wisconsin’s STEM workforce.TechGYRLS®: Running on STEAM works to inspire girls to take on challenges and pursue STEAM interests and careers to lessen the gap and bring an empowered female presence to the STEAM workforce.

Learn more about the YWCA Green Bay’s TechGYRLS program.

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